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About This Project

This project was inspired by conversations with my wife as we lived in India pursuing the studies of the Tibetan Language. I had spent three years in grad school at Naropa University and Nitartha Institute taking copious notes studying with various teachers like Phil Stanley, Sarah Harding, Jules Levinson, Scott Welenbach, and countless others. There were pearls of wisdom handed down in these classes and talks, and I had diligently copied them down in notebooks, many of which have now been destroyed by mold, or misplaced.

I was lamenting that there was not a way to efficiently share these ideas or store them for all present and future students of the Tibetan language. This is my attempt to create something to fill that void, to create something that can benefit all teachers, translators and students of the Tibetan language.

If you feel that this could be more beneficial to the community, please share your ideas so we can create something truly beneficial and lasting

Pull-Requests Welcome!

This project is open-source, so bug-fixes, styling improvements, or any other fixes are welcome! Come on over to GitHub and join the development!

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